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Does my tutition include all program costs?

No. You must pay for software separately.

Are tech skills required?

No.  You can join this class as a beginner and participate in creating virtual side hustles.  No tech skills required. 

Do I need a computer to participate?

Yes! You will need a laptop to participate in our in-person classes.   

For virtual classes, you will need two devides (a laptop and smartphone or tablet).  If possible, we highly recommend you use two laptops.

Are there age requirements?

No. There are no age requirements.   A majority of our classes are attended for adult learners over 21 years of age with the average age ranging between 25 - 45 years. If a minor wants to participate, they can join us but must be accompanied by their guardian who also purchases a ticket.

Do I receive a certificate of completion?

Yes, but only after your classwork is sent to our team and you are verified as proficient in the artificial intelligent technology we use together.

How long will the replay be available?

After each virtual class, the replay will be available for 7-10 days thereafter.  It is essential that all ticketholders attend the class LIVE, to get the best experience.

Is this class a lecture?

No. This is a workshop.  All attendees are encouraged to participate and build their products during the class.  This is hands-on and you receive the greatest value when you build along with course instructors.  

No refunds.

Questions and Concerns

Contact Miss Cee at

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