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The Sh!t They Should Have Taught in Schools

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Launch a 
Business Using
Artificial Intelligence

Bring Your Laptop + Build

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Start Your Business with Artificial Intelligence

Full Class Schedule

Class  1

Side Hustle

Go from $100 to $100,000 Small Business, Map Out Your Business Plan Using Natural Language Processing

Class 2


Create two digital products using Artificial Intelligence that you can sell on Etsy and Amazon in hours

Class 3

Digital Influencer

Create a Lifelike Digital Influencer that Brands Will Pay to Sponsor, Design Different but Realistic Looks that Can Be Used on Social Media

Class 4

Talking Avatar

Creat an avatar in your likeness that can be used to create educational or promotional videos for YouTube or your personal website

Class 5

Publish a Children's Book

Learn how to write and illustrate a book that can be published on Amazon using AI and image generators in just one day

Class 6

Create an Animated Series

Create an animated series similar to Gracie's Corner and publish it to attract brand deals or generate ad revenue on platforms like YouTube

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No Tech Experience Needed

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Learn From the Best

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Professor  Kez

CEO, The Black upStart

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Class Materials Required

Business Idea
No Tech Skills Required

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Washington, DC (Co-Working Space)

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Learn to Master:
Prompt Engineering 
Design Thinking

Learn new tech skills for your Black-owned business

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